What to Do with your Luggage Before Hotel Check-In or After Checkout ?

Have you ever experienced this situation? You arrive at your destination too early to check in at your accommodation, or you have a few hours before your flight/train….and you are forced to wait in a cafe because you are burdened with your luggage.
You could visit a museum or enjoy a walk but with your luggage, it means dragging it on crowded sidewalks or leaving it in one place, and coming back to get it… What a pain!
What to do with your luggage while waiting for a plane or before checking into a hotel? There are three options to choose from to free yourself from your luggage.

1) Use a luggage delivery service such as Alfred Travel

2) Leave your luggage in a locker

3) Ask your accommodation to keep your stuff.

Option n°1 : Collection and delivery service of luggage

The question we all asked ourselves one day…
What to do with your luggage when you arrive too early for the check-in of your accommodation or after the check-out? It is possible to call upon companies such as Alfred Travel, who will collect and deliver your luggage at the time and place that suits you best.

Why luggage delivery service is the best option

Often, travelers consider consignment service as the preferred option to temporarily free themselves of their luggage. However, there is a little-known option that presents 6 good reasons to prefer a delivery service, rather than consignment.

Secure service

The luggage delivery service is the safest way to entrust your belongings. Not only are your bags identified and geo-tagged to ensure traceability, but they are also sealed. Finally, a person is dedicated to the surveillance of bags and suitcases at all times.


The luggage delivery service costs between 20 and 30€, with decreasing rates for each additional bag. This is about 5 to 10 euros more expensive than a consignment service.

Practical: online service

You can book the service online, before or during your stay, with the guarantee of a service available at the desired time.

Mobility: where and when you want

Using a luggage collection and delivery service where you want is to offer you the chance to move around without having to think about your belongings.
In the case of luggage storage, you have to return to the place where your luggage was dropped off, which is still a hindrance to your travels.

Opening hours: wider range of hours than the lockers

Luggage lockers are often local businesses with opening and closing hours that may surprise you. These hours can make it difficult for you if you have a train or plane to catch.
In the case of a delivery service, you choose the time and place where your belongings will be delivered.


The size or number of your suitcases is not an issue in a delivery service, unlike in a locker. In fact, in the locker room, travelers are dependent on the number of lockers available and their size!

Option N°2 : Luggage Locker or Storage

For the price of one coffee per hour, many businesses – delicatessens, tobacco bars, cell phone stores – will take care of your luggage so you can walk around hands-free. This storage service is called luggage storage.
Be aware that these stores open and close according to their business hours and that they do not always have a locked space to secure your luggage.

Option n°3 : Store your Luggage at your Accommodation

If you are staying in a hotel, there is a good chance that they will accept to keep your belongings free of charge before you check in, or after you check out.
However, it is best to check with the hotel about this possibility. In rare cases, the hotel may not have room to temporarily store their guests’ belongings.

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