Luggage Lockers: How to Visit Paris, Free of Your Suitcases?

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Ah, Paris! Its museums, the Eiffel Tower, its busy cafés and terraces, etc.! Your trip to Paris is approaching. Like many people, you may be arriving or leaving from a train station or an airport. You have booked everything, your plane ticket is in your pocket, your hotel / Airbnb has confirmed your arrival.

You have only one thing to look forward to: enjoying the city as it should be enjoyed, and you are right!

I take an average of 80 flights a year (excluding COVID years), and I’ve been in this situation as many times as I’ve been counting. There was one drawback that kept coming back with each trip: who can I entrust my suitcase and my personal belongings to, without having to go return to a locker, a shop or a hotel to pick it up afterwards?

I finally have the solution for you!

Travel freely, thanks to a reliable and efficient service :

Three criteria always prevailed in my quest for freedom:

  • Security
  • Efficiency
  • Affordability

Indeed, many luggage lockers did not meet these conditions.

Knowing that only 41% of luggage lost at the station is returned to its owner; this did not encourage me to leave my suitcase in a locker provided for that purpose.

Whether you are arriving in Paris, or leaving, Alfred is now available to help you. The service is reliable, efficient, and affordable.

Alfred will pick up your suitcases at the location of your choice (flat / airbnb / hotel / office / railway station / airport). And delivers them to you where you want them, according to your own timing.

How does Alfred work?

If you already know when and where you will need Alfred, you can contact us today via our website to make your reservation.

The process is simple, we need very basic information such as location, schedule, and the number of suitcases to be transported in order to secure your request.

You will receive a confirmation of your booking by email with all the necessary details. Be reassured, all luggage is insured up to 1000€. Reliability of the service is our priority, and we want you to enjoy Paris safely and be in the moment!

On the day, we will go to your drop-off point at the time communicated. We will then confirm all the information in your presence. And ensure that your suitcase is delivered at the time and place you want!

Once your suitcase has been given to us, we will take care of re-delivering it to you, according to your previously communicated details. All on time, at the right place.

On the other hand if you are not yet sure of your travel dates; don’t hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter to benefit from an immediate discount on your next booking!

Enjoy Paris, free of your bags

Alfred louvre mona lisa
Let Alfred take a load off your mind

Once your suitcase is taken in hand by Alfred, you are then free to enjoy Paris, without any hassle!

You can then take advantage of public transport, visit a museum, climb the Eiffel Tower… Or simply discover the streets of Paris without having to roll your suitcase between the cobblestones of the city!


Originally from the French Alps, Sophie lived in the United States, Singapore and Belgium before coming back to Paris in 2019. Passionate about sports, food and new experiences, Sophie loves discovering new bars, restaurants, and places to hang out while documenting it along the way. Sophie’s favorite district is Le Marais, and every time she goes to a bakery in the morning, she asks for a Pain au Chocolat.

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