Enjoy Paris Like a Local

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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any easier to book a trip in Paris, it has!

Alfred is here to make your trip to Paris a wonderful experience by providing:

  • Tailor-Made Itineraries of Paris: The Parisian Pocket Pal.
  • Thematic guides: Shopping in Paris, Christmas in Paris, Paris with Kids, Paris in Love, etc.
  • A Welcome Kit that contains all the essentials for you to enjoy Paris from the first minute.
  • A Mobile Luggage Delivery Service.

Tailor-Made Itineraries of Paris: The Parisian Pocket Pal

Your trip to Paris is around the corner. You have an idea of the landmarks and monuments you want to visit, but you are unsure when is the best time to visit them, or how to organise your trip? Or maybe you simply want to have the best bars and restaurants recommendations?

The Parisian Pocket Pal is 100% made of local recommendations, because we want you to enjoy the “real” Paris.

Stop spending hours trying to plan your perfect trip, and let us take care of your trip for you!

Each itinerary is set up in accordance to YOUR interests such as:

  • Your number of days in Paris.
  • The activities you would like to do / or try to avoid.
  • Your hobbies: whether you are passionate about wine, museums, religion, or you want the most amazing picture spots?
  • Your restaurant preferences and budget.
  • The importance of having kid-friendly activities or not.

The itineraries we are providing are unique and built based on your wishes. Not the other way around!

How does it work?

The process is super simple. To get your Parisian Pocket Pal you simply need to follow the 4 steps process:

  1. Visit our website by clicking HERE. Scroll down until you see a price indicated. And click on Get your Parisian Pocket Pal.
  2. Proceed with the payment. All transactions are 100% secured and operated via Stripe. You do not have to worry about your safety, and at Alfred we do not keep or have access to your card details!
  3. Upon reception of the payment, we will ask you to fill up a quick survey. This survey is for you share all your preferences, hobbies and interests. It will take you only 3 minutes, and it helps us understanding your expectations of Paris!
  4. That’s it! Your job is done! Our team will then work on your tailor-made itinerary, and you will receive yours in your mailbox a couple of days after!

Why getting the Parisian Pocket Pal?

  • It’s your time to be in the moment and follow our recommendations instead of focusing on your planning!
  • Our itineraries are mobile-friendly, and made in a format so you have access to it 24/7!
  • It will include thousands of tips and tricks related to the French culture, the specific monuments you wish to visit, the museums, etc!
  • It gives you access to all our local addresses! From bars, to restaurants, coffee shops, shops to visit, etc.
  • It is tailor-made for YOU only!

Are you ready to get yours now?!

Thematic Guides

We have developed some thematic guides to answer the most popular requests we receive. That way, if you are interested in knowing the best tips for enjoying Paris with your kids, or if you want a specific guide around the Parisian shopping, these ones are for you!

The thematic guides complement very well the Parisian Pocket Pal, and they are even cheaper if you order the two together!

Examples of Thematic Guides available:

  • Paris with your family: includes a big list of kid-friendly activities, safety concerns, walks to do with your kids, etc!
  • Christmas in Paris: the best ice-skating rink, masses to see, Christmas lights, the best Cabarets, etc.
  • Shopping in Paris: get to know the best concept stores, vintage stores, the best shops for souvenir, department stores, etc.
  • Paris in Love – for couples: the best rooftop bars, candlelight dinners, romantic walks, activities to do with your loved one, etc.

You can find all our thematic guides HERE!

Welcome Kit

Your trip is coming soon, you have booked your accommodation and you have in hand your itineraries and various guides of the city! But hey, you’ll need a few items for your arrival, in order to enjoy Paris correctly!

Do you have a Parisian metro card? A phone contract allowing you to use your phone data without paying extra? Or maybe you just need a travel adaptor to charge all your devices?

We have your back! Everything is included in our welcome kit!

What’s in my Welcome Kit?

  • A pocket wifi for you to have data everywhere you go
  • Metro cards and metro maps for you and all your travel buddies
  • A Parisian Guide with our local recommendations
  • A speaker allowing you to play your music in your accommodation, or whilst enjoying a picnic in town
  • A Power Bank to charge all your devices, whenever you need to
  • Travel Adapter and Cables
  • Luggage Weight Scale to make sure your luggage is not overweight
  • And a Surprise!

What if I don’t need all the items present in the box?

Do not worry! We personnalise all the boxes according to your needs. You pick and choose what you want to be included in the Welcome Kit!

Where do I collect it?

We deliver your Welcome Kit to your hotel, one day prior your arrival. You just have to ask for it at the reception, it will be safely kept by the concierge of your hotel!

How do I book it?

It’s super simple, just follow the link HERE!

The Luggage Delivery Service

Alfred will take care of your luggage while you take care of enjoying your last day of holiday.
Safely, and with care.
Each luggage item is insured up to 1,000€.

How it works?

Alfred collects your luggage from your hotel or Airbnb and delivers it to the airport, at your departure terminal. And vice versa.

Alfred Mobile Concierge Service

Let Alfred take a load off your mind

What if you could travel freely?

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